Creative Inspiration

We hope this gives you some ideas

Wall Graphics

Vibrant and compelling interiors can inspire and promote a strong sense of community.
Wall graphics add dynamic imagery, inspirational messages and educational content to areas within your school.


Window Graphics

Window film is an increasingly popular way to use that extra space your glazing provides to promote your school’s brand. Window film is available in different materials to create customised levels of privacy within certain areas of your school’s building.


Stair Graphics

Stairways are high traffic areas, so lets use them to educate and inspire. Using the walls or the stairs themselves,
we can transform these otherwise overlooked and often uninspiring spaces. Learning every step of the way.


School Signage

Creating the perfect first impression of your school is vital.
Our signage can provide valuable information such as directions and contact information.


Cut Lettering

If you’ve got something to shout about or you’re looking to stand out, these literally do just that. Adding another dimension to quotes and graphics creates a big impact where you need it the most.


Ceiling Graphics

Our ceiling graphics create inviting, immersive and dynamic environments. Produced to exact specifications,
we use high res imagery and creative design to enhance your environment.


School branding

Our design and branding service enables you to refresh your logo and enhance your school’s personal image both internally and within your local community.



Let the pictures do the talking. Storyboards are stunning photography displayed on a range of materials
to showcase your school’s vision and values.